Diamond Series by BEDROCK Truck Beds


  • Made in several lengths
  • There are four size options to choose from with the Diamond Series non-skirted flatbed. The bed lengths come in 7’, 8’6”, 9’4”, and 11’4”.

  • Designed with towing options
  • Two reliable towing options were expertly designed and built into this flatbed. Bedrock’s highly rated, 26,000 pound gooseneck hitch with a standard 2 5/16” welded ball is included. And our industry leading receiver hitch, rated at 15,000 pounds is welded tightly to the frame and enclosed for greater safety and bed space.

  • Designed with towing options
  • Our flatbeds are finished with Bedrock’s own industry-leading, polyester, powder-coat application process. These non-skirted flatbeds come with a diamond-plated steel deck, rear and sides for a solid and reliable build. Sturdy stake pockets and 3/8"x2" rub rail tie downs help secure your cargo out on the road.

  • Accommodates both single and dual rear wheel trucks
  • Whether your work truck is a single rear wheel or dual rear wheel truck, this non-skirted flatbed accommodates both. No matter if your pulling a light load in the city with your SRW or a heavy payload over rough terrain, this flatbed is built to make your job easier.


Powder Coated Flatbed Finish

Powder Coating

  • Glossy polyester finish with industry-leading adhesion & longevity
  • Corrosion & UV resistant
  • Formula customized under impact & salt-spray testing for best performance
  • Application process formulated specifically for BEDROCK—truck beds are shot blasted to raw, white metal before powder coating for maximum adhesion
Receiver Hitch

Receiver Hitch

  • Integrated 2″ receiver hitch rated at 15,000 lbs
  • Safety chain bracket rated at 15,000 lbs
  • Receiver hitch enclosed & welded to frame for greater safety
Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck Hitch

  • Rated at 26,000 lbs
  • Standard 2 5/16″ welded ball for safety
  • Lid swings open or can be removed
  • Spring-loaded safety chain hasps reduce vibration & noise
  • Access to install additional trailer wiring plug
Built In Headache Rack for flatbed by BEDROCK

Headache Rack

  • Available in rounded or hauler style
  • Designed for optimal protection & visibility
  • Patented adjustable headache rack fits all major truck makes, models & cab styles
  • Louvered design allows excellent rear vision
  • Cargo light cutout
Truck bed led lights for Bedrock flatbed

LED Lights

  • Offer longevity & good visibility
  • Back-up lights in headache rack double as working lights
  • DOT approved
pre-wired truck bed by BEDROCK


  • 7 way & 4 way trailer wiring plug
  • Trailer plugs recessed next to license plate
  • truck bed is pre-wired with sealed wiring harnesses to protect from moisture & prevent damage



3/16″ Diamond-Plate Deck


Gooseneck Box


Gooseneck Trough


Hauler Headache Rack


Smooth-Plate Deck


Straight Back Bed

Turnover Ball Option for Bedrock Flatbed

Turnoverball Option


Flatbed Mounting Kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Mounting Kit

  • Universal kit for most makes and models
  • Ability to install bed at 0” – 2” – 3” above truck chassis
  • Contains six spacers and six channel irons
  • Hardware included
BEDROCK Truck Beds Mudflap Kit

Mud Flap Kit

  • Adjustable front to back, up & down
  • Contains mud flap angle plates, reinforcement plates and mud flaps
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
Anti-Sail Mud flap bracket for BEDROCK Flatbed

Anti-Sail Mud Flap Bracket

  • Zinc plated
  • Bracket reduces mud flap deflection
Flatbed Rail Kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Standard Rail Kit

  • Two side rails fit the length of the flatbed
  • 4” rail height
  • Three stake pockets on each rail with predrilled holes for security bolts
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
Fold Down Rails for Flatbed

Fold Down Rail Kit

  • 4” rail height set fits the length of the truck bed
  • Ability to strap load in up or down position
  • 2 stake pockets on each rail with quick connect/disconnect pins
Spare Tire Kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Spare Tire Kit

  • Mounts directly onto headache rack and bed
  • Adjustable for different tire sizes
  • Hardware included
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
  • Available for driver or passenger side mount
Center Louver Insert for BEDROCK Headache Rack

Center Louver Insert for Headache Rack

  • Louver angle matches headache rack for enhanced visibility
  • Hardware included
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
Plug and Play Wiring kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Plug & Play Wiring

  • Simply & quickly connect the truck’s wiring to the BEDROCK truck bed
  • Waterproof
  • No requirement to cut existing wires
L-Bracket for Headache Rack

L-Bracket for Headache Rack

  • Allows equipment to be mounted on the truck bed deck next to the headache rack
  • Saves space on the truck bed deck
  • Mounts by replacing standard headache rack gusset
Fuel Fill Cover For BEDROCK Truck Bed

Fuel Fill Cover

  • Covers unused fuel fill area
  • Only available for the Granite and Diamond series truck beds
Side Step for Flatbed Truck

EZ Side Step Kit

  • Provides easy access to the front of the truck bed
  • 7” wide & drops 15” below the truck bed
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