Granite Series by BEDROCK Truck Beds


  • Available in multiple lengths
  • The Granite Series skirted flatbed comes in four size options to accommodate your truck’s unique needs. There are four flatbed lengths to choose from: 7’, 8’6”, 9’4”, and 11’4”.

  • Convenient built-in toolboxes
  • Integrated toolboxes make this flatbed design more compact and convenient while also helping to streamline the truck on the road. Made with stainless steel latches and locks, the weatherproof toolboxes are built to withstand the elements.

  • Made with sturdy construction
  • All of our flatbeds come with a diamond-plated steel deck finished with Bedrock’s own industry-leading, polyester, powder-coat application process. The flatbed skirting is smooth and all of the trim is diamond-plate aluminum for handling the toughest conditions. Sturdy stake pockets and 3/8"x2" rub rail tie downs help secure your cargo out on the road.

  • Built with towing options
  • It’s important to have versatile towing options with a skirted flatbed. First, Bedrock’s industry leading receiver hitch, rated at 15,000 pounds, is expertly welded to the frame and enclosed for greater safety. Second, is a highly rated, at 26,000 pounds, gooseneck hitch with a standard 2 5/16” welded ball built into the bed. An adjustable lid easily encloses the standard ball for more deck space.

  • Available for single & dual rear wheel trucks
  • This flatbed is available for both single rear wheel and dual rear wheel trucks. Whether you use your dual rear wheel truck to pull heavy payloads on tough terrain or a single rear wheel truck for lighter payloads and hauling gear in town, we’ve built a skirted flatbed to suit your needs.


Powder Coated Flatbed Finish

Powder Coating

  • Glossy polyester finish with industry-leading adhesion & longevity
  • Corrosion & UV resistant
  • Formula customized under impact & salt-spray testing for best performance
  • Application process formulated specifically for BEDROCK—truck beds are shot blasted to raw, white metal before powder coating for maximum adhesion
Receiver Hitch

Receiver Hitch

  • Integrated 2″ receiver hitch rated at 15,000 lbs
  • Safety chain bracket rated at 15,000 lbs
  • Receiver hitch enclosed & welded to frame for greater safety
Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck Hitch

  • Rated at 26,000 lbs
  • Standard 2 5/16″ welded ball for safety
  • Lid swings open or can be removed
  • Spring-loaded safety chain hasps reduce vibration & noise
  • Access to install additional trailer wiring plug
BEDROCK Truck Bed Tool Box

Tool Boxes

  • 4 toolboxes in 8’6” – 9’4” – 11’4” lengths
  • 2 toolboxes in 7’ lengths
  • Door cables rated for 1,700 lbs capacity each
Built In Headache Rack for flatbed by BEDROCK

Headache Rack

  • Available in rounded or hauler style
  • Designed for optimal protection & visibility
  • Patented adjustable headache rack fits all major truck makes, models & cab styles
  • Louvered design allows excellent rear vision
  • Cargo light cutout
Truck bed led lights for Bedrock flatbed

LED Lights

  • Offer longevity & good visibility
  • Back-up lights in headache rack double as working lights
  • DOT approved
pre-wired truck bed by BEDROCK


  • 7 way & 4 way trailer wiring plug
  • Trailer plugs recessed next to license plate
  • Truck bed is pre-wired with sealed wiring harnesses to protect from moisture & prevent damage


Turnover Ball Option for Bedrock Flatbed

Turnoverball Option


Gooseneck Trough


Hauler Headache Rack


Smooth-Plate Deck

Chrome fender for flatbed

Chrome Fender


3/16″ Diamond-Plate Deck


Straight Back Bed


Gooseneck Box


Flatbed Mounting Kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Mounting Kit

  • Universal kit for most makes and models
  • Ability to install the flatbed at 0” – 2” – 3” above truck chassis
  • Contains six spacers and six channel irons
  • Hardware included
BEDROCK Truck Beds Mudflap Kit

Mud Flap Kit

  • Adjustable front to back, up & down
  • Contains mud flap angle plates, reinforcement plates and mud flaps
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
Anti-Sail Mud flap bracket for BEDROCK Flatbed

Anti-Sail Mud Flap Bracket

  • Zinc plated
  • Bracket reduces mud flap deflection
Flatbed Rail Kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Standard Rail Kit

  • Two side rails fit the length of the truck bed
  • 4” rail height
  • Three stake pockets on each rail with predrilled holes for security bolts
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
Fold Down Rails for Flatbed

Fold Down Rail Kit

  • 4” rail height set fits the length of the truck bed
  • Ability to strap load in up or down position
  • 2 stake pockets on each rail with quick connect/disconnect pins
Spare Tire Kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Spare Tire Kit

  • Mounts directly onto headache rack and truck bed
  • Adjustable for different tire sizes
  • Hardware included
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
  • Available for driver or passenger side mount
Center Louver Insert for BEDROCK Headache Rack

Center Louver Insert for Headache Rack

  • Louver angle matches headache rack for enhanced visibility
  • Hardware included
  • Polyester powder coat matches BEDROCK truck bed
Plug and Play Wiring kit for BEDROCK Truck Bed

Plug & Play Wiring

  • Simply & quickly connect the truck’s wiring to the BEDROCK truck bed
  • Waterproof
  • No requirement to cut existing wires
L-Bracket for Headache Rack

L-Bracket for Headache Rack

  • Allows equipment to be mounted on the flatbed deck next to the headache rack
  • Saves space on the flatbed deck
  • Mounts by replacing standard headache rack gusset
Fuel Fill Cover For BEDROCK Truck Bed

Fuel Fill Cover

  • Covers unused fuel fill area
  • Only available for the Granite and Diamond series truck beds
Locking T-handle latch for flatbed toolbox

“T” Handle Latch with Lock

  • Stainless Steel
  • Lock included with latch
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