What’s New From BEDROCK in 2018

What’s New From BEDROCK in 2018

You’ve got flatbed needs and BEDROCK Truck Beds has some awesome new options.
We’ve added several new part numbers we hope provide great opportunities for your customers.

1. The biggest new addition to our truck beds is the B&W Turnoverball.

Turnover Ball Option for Bedrock FlatbedThe weld in ball remains as our standard gooseneck ball. The Turnoverball would replace the weld in ball and allows for switching from a 2 5/16” ball to a 5th wheel companion for our flatbeds. This opens up all kinds of towing options for customers old and new.

2. Fold down side rails are now available on the Diamond and Granite series truck beds.

Fold down rail for flatbed trucksThese side rails are easy to install and remove, and are also adjustable. The folding side rails fit into the stake pockets and allow you to still strap the load in the up or down position. This new option provides loads of flexibility for your customer.

3. We now make wood decks for our Limestone series flatbeds.

Wooden Flatbed Deck for BEDROCK Truck BedThe wood deck offers a 2”x6” tongue and groove treated wood as an option over the standard ⅛” Diamond steel floor plate. We are excited about this sturdy and natural option that gives a nod to the old school.

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-BEDROCK Truck Beds

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