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What type of warranty do you offer?

BEDROCK offers a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty- Please contact us below

What safety advantages does BEDROCK have?

Your safety is our priority. BEDROCK Truck Beds are made out of the best materials and scrutinized detail by detail to achieve and exceed all DOT standards. Additional safety tips can be found in the owner's manual.

Why LED lights?

We wanted our lights to be the hardest-working and safest option possible. LEDs last longer and have better visibility than traditional incandescent. We know the work doesn't stop when the sun goes down, and when one diode dies, the rest keep on running.

When can accessory options be added?

Any of Bedrock's accessory option features, such as mud flaps, standard side rails, camera mounting kit, spare tire kits, and wiring adapters, can be added during or after installation, at your convenience.

When can bed options be added?

Bed options can only be added at the time of ordering your bed. Bed options cannot be added at a later date, with the exception of the Hauler Headache Rack.

Do I have to buy BEDROCK kits?

While BEDROCK kits are an optional add-on, they are the best compatibility match for our truck beds and the highest quality on the market.

When was BEDROCK founded?

BEDROCK Truck Beds LLC, a sister company of Ranch Hand Truck Accessories, was founded in early 2014. Product design began in April 2014, and, after extensive testing and refinement, BEDROCK was released to select dealers in April 2015. BEDROCK is part of Kaspar Companies, a fifth-generation family business that has continually pursued a legacy of excellence in manufacturing and service.

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