For Immediate Release – 8/20/2021


Bedrock Truck Beds, a subsidiary of Kaspar Companies, Inc., has risen to the occasion yet again, this time by introducing a newly patented product for the automotive aftermarket product category for work trucks. Bedrock has already been labeled a true innovator in the work truck space since November of 2016 with the inception of the fully adjustable headache rack. The newest line of QUAD products by Bedrock has also been patented and is now available for order in two series, QUAD Granite skirted flatbeds and QUAD Diamond non-skirted flatbeds.

The QUAD is the first and only flatbed of its kind, completely revolutionizing the truck bed industry. Both bed options are comprised of four main components that are palletized and shipped as a single item and can be bolted together in less than an hour without compromising any of the towing integrity. Its strength has been tested through a series of 4 post lab-controlled simulation and road courses. One ton of weight was applied directly over one of the wings through 400,000 miles of normal road conditions with zero failure.

Greg Chumchal, President of Bedrock Truck Beds said, "The truck bed industry has always had a supply chain issue in having the correct bed for the end user. Truck beds are large and can only be shipped on flat deck trailers. To offset the supply chain constraint, dealers have had to stock many beds and order truck loads at a time which increased their inventory carrying cost. The QUAD will revolutionize the industry by offering dealers the opportunity to order the QUAD from distributors and have their bed delivered to them one at a time within a few days. The QUAD will give all dealers across the U.S. the opportunity to sell and install truck beds without having to stock thousands of dollars in inventory."

The QUAD truck bed is taking the industry to a whole new level. Dealers that have not been able to sell truck beds, or new retailers and upfitters in the space, now have the opportunity to expand their offerings and grow their business. Bedrock continues its growth by not only adding state of the art equipment like lasers and finishing, but also expanding its capacity through opening another manufacturing facility in Beeville Texas.